Big Stradivarius haul | try on haul

  Being around 40° C most of the time for almost a month was not easy to handle even if you did nothing but drinking a cold drink near the pool or beach, and so it wasn’t easy preparing a new blog post. Especially ‘try on’ blog post. 😀 I had, I mean really HAD to do it in a swimsuit with a wet hair, cause that is how I was most of the time in my house. And it was still too hot! 🙂

  P.s. That is why I simply could not try one piece to show you, and it was a winter jumper, way too much.xD

  So, I found so good sale on Stradivarius web page, I made two orders and some of the clothes are gifts for my mom and sister, but I wanted to show you how all of them look like when you try them. And most of them look different when you try them than in a store or on the web. I hope this is going to be little bit helpful or inspirational for those who are about to update their wardrobes. Or anyone else who likes fashion and blogs, like I do. Enjoy it! :*

Those who follow me on my Insta @bonnyssoulfood could see my struggles with this belt.:D

Please tell me your honest opinion, I would like to hear your feedback! ♡

Talk to you soon, take care!



sporty velvet dress

New sporty way to wear your velvet dress – Easter edition

  It is always good to invest in pieces that you can wear thru the whole year – that’s what I like to call smart shopping. For example, velvet is so much in trend right now, but I didn’t go for a narrow cocktail party dress but instead for this one little bit loose in a waist and I knew I could possibly mix and match it with so many different styles and not only for a going out occasions. Read More

Zara black lace ruffle top

One of the biggest Spring trends is about to rule: meet the ruffles

 The Spring was just about to start and this trend was already HUGE! I’m sure you know which trend I am talking about, cause seems like everyone went crazy about this “Spanish invasion” ruffle trend. I think Beyoncé was among the first to set up the scene for this trend – you could see her wearing Spanish yellow dress in her video Hold up , then variety of white dresses with ruffles etc. I mean, you know what I am talking about. 😀

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glitter silver eyeliner -Farmasi

Farmasi silver glitter eyeliner | rewiev

 Hi, what is weather like in your place at this first day of spring? Here is raining – not realy spring welcoming, but anyways, sunny days are coming our way. 😉 Today I’m gonna do instant review of a product I’ve been talking about lately. It is glittery eyeliner from Farmasi cosmetics, it’s a Turkish brand I’ve been using lately, and I have to tell you – I love the quality of these products comparing to the low prices of them. Read More

street style, biker jacket and patches

Make a statement with them patches

  Hello, fashion cuties! 😀 Are you shaken up with the spring coming back as much as I am? Seems like time is flying faster than ever and I have so much ideas about my blog in my mind, literary, there’s a creative mess overdose in my head. 😀 But I am trying to do one thing at a time even tho like I’m no good at it, so we will see about it..  Read More

Biker jacket with faux fur

Biker jacket with faux fur collar

  Few days ago I came back to Malta from my holiday in Serbia and it seems like in those ten days spring already came here before me.:D ..And I just brought all my winter clothes here with me. Seems like I’m not gonna need them until the next winter. xD Considering that, my new biker jacket from New Look is ready to wear, yeey! 😀 Read More

Casual style clothes

Being active with style

  During the summer days I like to keep being active, I’m always planning the next move and my day is never long enough. Last two summers I prefered wearing more ladylike clothes like dresses and elegant white hats for the beach, but this summer I wear more comfortable sporty clothes and a backpack. Whatever I choose, the most important thing is that the clothes doesn’t  fetter me, I don’t want to know it’s even there. See what I’m wearing today. 😉 >>>  Read More

Tropical trends

Embrace the best tropical trends with this huge guide

  Summer is almost here and it is time to prepare for it, especially if you are traveling on “first minute” holidays. The huge trend that you can see everywhere is, what would I call it, the tropical trend. It is present in all the aspects of beauty and fashion and you can easily adjust it to your needs and taste. I will show you the very best of it and how to mix and match it. 😉 Here we go on the island trip! – – —>> Read More

Hipster style - blush and stripes

Best 7 confident outfits you should try this spring

  Why not show your confidence and try new outfits this spring? The markets are full of interesting designs, you just have to choose what best suits you. Be creative and express yourself, cause now you are able to do it more than ever. Nowadays,  almost everything is possible in the fashion – use it in a best way! 😉 See what I got Read More

Nature lover gallery wall

Decorating: gallery walls +free printables

  When we are talking about decorating, there is a trend that is going to be huge– you are guessing, it is  gallery wall. It is especially popular within bloggers – it is like you have an Instagram feed on your wall. Litteraly. 😉 The point of this decor style is to express YOUR personality thru some random photos, patterns, quotes, colors, ornaments. While you decorate your wall, just keep in mind to choose a theme for your wall – whether it is a color, a pattern, a mix of colors, mood, a shape or something else –  photos  should match with each other. It’s that simple! Just open your creative channels and enjoy.

Are you getting excited about your spring decorating? I will try to inspire you for that! 😀 Let’s see… Read More