Jeans and wooden mule heels

Jeans and wooden mules

 Hey, sweeties, what’s up? I am just summing up the thoughts of last night cocktails and I thought I’m gonna show you what I was wearingRead More

Gnejna bay

A walk above the Golden bay and Gnejna, Malta

  Last Monday honey and I went for a walk on the hills above the Golden bay and Gnejna and we captured some nice photos. 🙂 The weather was a bit windy, but that made my hair look better on the photos. And on the way back we saw a couple getting wedding photos on the beach, so nice..

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sporty velvet dress

New sporty way to wear your velvet dress – Easter edition

  It is always good to invest in pieces that you can wear thru the whole year – that’s what I like to call smart shopping. For example, velvet is so much in trend right now, but I didn’t go for a narrow cocktail party dress but instead for this one little bit loose in a waist and I knew I could possibly mix and match it with so many different styles and not only for a going out occasions. Read More

Zara black lace ruffle top

One of the biggest Spring trends is about to rule: meet the ruffles

 The Spring was just about to start and this trend was already HUGE! I’m sure you know which trend I am talking about, cause seems like everyone went crazy about this “Spanish invasion” ruffle trend. I think Beyoncé was among the first to set up the scene for this trend – you could see her wearing Spanish yellow dress in her video Hold up , then variety of white dresses with ruffles etc. I mean, you know what I am talking about. 😀

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Relaxed monday on the Danube’s beach in Novi Sad

    This Monday, the weather was surprisingly hot for this time of the year – 28 Celsius degrees here in Novi Sad. I had to finish some works on my college in the morning and I was free all afternoon. Since I was under stress these days, I decide to spend the afternoon with my friend relaxing on this lovely Danube’s beach. The beach was so calm and without of crowds, just perfect for relaxing! The sun was shinning so strong, that I even got burned and now have stripes of my T-shirt. 😀 Read More