Relaxed monday on the Danube’s beach in Novi Sad

    This Monday, the weather was surprisingly hot for this time of the year – 28 Celsius degrees here in Novi Sad. I had to finish some works on my college in the morning and I was free all afternoon. Since I was under stress these days, I decide to spend the afternoon with my friend relaxing on this lovely Danube’s beach. The beach was so calm and without of crowds, just perfect for relaxing! The sun was shinning so strong, that I even got burned and now have stripes of my T-shirt. 😀 Read More

Hipster style - blush and stripes

Best 7 confident outfits you should try this spring

  Why not show your confidence and try new outfits this spring? The markets are full of interesting designs, you just have to choose what best suits you. Be creative and express yourself, cause now you are able to do it more than ever. Nowadays,  almost everything is possible in the fashion – use it in a best way! 😉 See what I got Read More

Avon ultra color lip tint pen - raspberry

Avon ultra color lip tint pen – raspberry: review


  Hello beauties. 😉 I am very excited that I will write this post today! Reason for that is obviously this amazing lipstick from Avon, wich I am thrilled with. Since I wanted it really bad, my mom bought it for me for the International women’s day as a gift and surprised me very much. 🙂 Let’s see about this product. Read More

Nature lover gallery wall

Decorating: gallery walls +free printables

  When we are talking about decorating, there is a trend that is going to be huge– you are guessing, it is  gallery wall. It is especially popular within bloggers – it is like you have an Instagram feed on your wall. Litteraly. 😉 The point of this decor style is to express YOUR personality thru some random photos, patterns, quotes, colors, ornaments. While you decorate your wall, just keep in mind to choose a theme for your wall – whether it is a color, a pattern, a mix of colors, mood, a shape or something else –  photos  should match with each other. It’s that simple! Just open your creative channels and enjoy.

Are you getting excited about your spring decorating? I will try to inspire you for that! 😀 Let’s see… Read More

pink spring skirt

Spring 2016. skirt inspirations

   Finally, winter is almost over and we can put our thick jackets away and get ready for the big spring closet arrangings. I am getting excited about that, and honestly I am tired of having to put so many layers  of clothes on me. This spring, after a long time, there are a really big offerings for skirts on the market, and it makes me happy because I’m a big fun of skirts and dresses. For this spring, I recomend you to try wearing a denim skirt, like we used to when we were kids. Remember that? It rings the bell for me.:) Read More

Max factor lilac eye-shadow

Vivid lilac eye shadow on green eyes: max factor


   A few days ago I got as a present Max factor’s eye shadow “wild shadow pots: 15 vicious purple”  and I liked the shade very much, but I also wondered how to use it without a bruise effect on my eyes. Considering that the spring is coming, I have a wish to change a little bit my make-up routine and use more light and colorful shades, so this eye shadow came as ordered! :) Take a look on how I used it. Read More

blushed tunic

Trending: bell sleeved clothes

    It is questionless that we will be seeing bell sleeved clothes this spring everywhere, for it is one of the trends that are coming: from tunics, tops, to dresses. I tried to design four looks from clothes with this shape: one business, one evening and two casual looks. Hope you will like it. Read More