Morning with Oriflame Malta | beauty talks

  “You know, It’s very important for me to be my own boss and be able to organise my time”, opened Oana to me as we drove to her shop last Friday morning. She spoke about  what does being independent woman means for her, also about how she manages to run her business with Oriflame. Last week she moved her shop to Topaz hotel in San Pawl (Boutique Topaz) and she keeps a smile on her face all the time.



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  She showed me so many different products, we were trying creams and perfumes and we had a great company of her cute daughter, such a girls time! When we entered the salon at first place, the first thing she did was lighting a candle and spraying a scent all over the salon, so the atmosphere would be lovely and she also gave me a chocolate, what a treat.:) We were talking about the skin and beauty but also about a lot of other things and in the end I came home with a bag full of products, Oana gave me a nice discount. ^.^ It all looked like a beginning of a great collaboration.



She is offering free face treatment for anyone who wants to make an appointment with her and she is located in the Topaz hotel in San Pawl. Anyone is welcomed even just to see the products or take a look at the catalog and take a great advices from this lovely woman. 🙂

I will be testing this products and writing reviews, so stay in touch! ;D

‘Till the next time,

love, Bonny.

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