Kayak time at Armier, Malta

 A while ago Vlad ordered inflatable kayak and first thing we did when it arrived was planning an adventure the next day. The weather was rainy, but we had a day off and couldn’t wait for the next one, so we went for it despite the rain. Our friend picked us and we headed to […]

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We went hiking in Malta last Friday | travel guide

hiking in Malta, sport leggings

 Last Friday was a public holiday in Malta and everybody headed to either beach or somewhere else in the nature. The day was pretty nice with 23 degrees and there was a lot of people even swimming in the sea. To be fair, only two days before was very cold and windy and for sure […]

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Valentine’s Day Gifts on Any Budget | by Peter Minkoff

Valentine's gift guide

  Hi sweeties, today we have a guest writer on the blog – hes name is Peter Minkoff and he has decided to write this Valentine’s gift guide exclusively for Bonny’s Soulfood! Let’s see what ideas he has brought to us! ;*   Ah, nothing like Valentine’s Day to bring some love back into your life! […]

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Follow your dreams | 2nd blog anniversary

  It’s been two years now already since I started my blog Bonny’s Soulfood. The journey was not easy and out of frustrations but in the same time it was lovely two years filled with fun, meeting new people, learning new skills, being creative and being able to work with some amazing brands. For todays […]

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Perfect fall outfit inspiration | my 10 must have pieces

perfect fall outfit

   What would be my perfect fall outfit – that was the question that popped out in my head these days so  I started my research. I was going thru my pictures of fall outfits this year and last year and these are the 10 pieces that I found in almost every picture. So, what […]

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Holiday gift guide | my current wishlist

  Holidays are fast approaching and I wanted to share with you my current wishlist so I might inspire someone out there wondering what to buy to his girlfriend, friend or sister. I chose 8 items that I would like to get  – 4 lifestyle and 4 fashion items and I am sure that you […]

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Visiting my home | photoshooting with the cutest boy on earth

  Wanting to enjoy every moment to the fullest, I didn’t take much shots while on my holiday in Serbia, however there were some nice photos here and there. ;D First two days the weather was just fine, a bit cooler but still sunny and clear, yet later it became rainy and cloudy and my […]

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Why leather? | Reasons why I prefer real leather over fake one

Hello, lovelies!   Today I wanted to chat with you on leather topic – why is leather so popular in fashion and other areas of life and why I personally like it.   The one of the reasons, and I would say the most important one is because of its endurance and quality. The things made […]

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My Bedtime Beauty Routine

My Bedtime Beauty Routine

  So I got a request to make a post about my bedtime beauty routine, and here it is. 🙂 I am glad to see that you are interested in more content, so please if you have any request about what you would like to read on my blog let me know. 😉  Talking about […]

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Silk top and pink lipstick | some of my favorite fashion items

jeans and silk top

  So, this is an outfit post where I am wearing some of my favorites: favorite top, choker, shoes, bracelet and my Maybelline color sensational lipstick in crazy pink shade. I’m not gonna say much, just take a look (I have made a plenty of photos). 😉    P.s. It was so nice playing with a […]

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