Silk top and pink lipstick | some of my favorite fashion items

jeans and silk top

  So, this is an outfit post where I am wearing some of my favorites: favorite top, choker, shoes, bracelet and my Maybelline color sensational lipstick in crazy pink shade. I’m not gonna say much, just take a look (I have made a plenty of photos). 😉    P.s. It was so nice playing with a […]

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Royal blue velvet dress

Velvet dress

  So, the last time I promised to show you what I have bought at the Pull and Bear and that piece is royal blue velvet dress. I have spotted it one month before, but finally bought it last week. The dress is really simple, but elegant at the same time and there is so […]

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Embrace the best tropical trends with this huge guide

Tropical trends

  Summer is almost here and it is time to prepare for it, especially if you are traveling on “first minute” holidays. The huge trend that you can see everywhere is, what would I call it, the tropical trend. It is present in all the aspects of beauty and fashion and you can easily adjust it to your […]

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Best 7 confident outfits you should try this spring

Hipster style - blush and stripes

Why not show your confidence and try new outfits this spring? The markets are full of interesting designs, you just have to choose what best suits you. Be creative and express yourself, cause now you are able to do it more than ever. Nowadays, almost everything is possible in the fashion – use it in a best way! 😉 See what I got

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Avon ultra color lip tint pen – raspberry: review

Avon ultra color lip tint pen - raspberry

Hello beauties. 😉 I am very excited that I will write this post today! Reason for that is obviously this amazing lipstick from Avon, wich I am thrilled with. Since I wanted it really bad, my mom bought it for me for the International women’s day as a gift and suprised me very much. 🙂 Let’s see about this product.

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A girl’s night out- what to wear

pink make-up

   After a long time you are planning to go out with your girl-friends instead with your boyfriend, but you don’t have a clue what to wear? So, relax! First of all, you don’t have to be so much of a lady (sure, you always have to be classy), but your friends know you a […]

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