Gnejna bay

A walk above the Golden bay and Gnejna, Malta

  Last Monday honey and I went for a walk on the hills above the Golden bay and Gnejna and we captured some nice photos. 🙂 The weather was a bit windy, but that made my hair look better on the photos. And on the way back we saw a couple getting wedding photos on the beach, so nice..

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Casual style clothes

Being active with style

  During the summer days I like to keep being active, I’m always planning the next move and my day is never long enough. Last two summers I prefered wearing more ladylike clothes like dresses and elegant white hats for the beach, but this summer I wear more comfortable sporty clothes and a backpack. Whatever I choose, the most important thing is that the clothes doesn’t  fetter me, I don’t want to know it’s even there. See what I’m wearing today. 😉 >>>  Read More

Aloe vera gel - Banana boat

Banana Boat – Aloe vera gel: review


   Hello to all after a while. I haven’t been writing for a some time, and the reason for that is that I have been trying a lot of new products from different sides of a world. I don’t really want to write about something that have never tried, and also I want to give some time to product to show at it’s best. So, this month I am going to give you reviews of a products that I have been using last month or longer. Read More

Blue lagoon - secret beach

Bucket list: find a secret beach -completed! :)

  It was always on my Bucket list to go to adventure and find a secret beach. Every time I watched the movie with that content, I craved it was me there. 😀 I love any kind of beaches, but when they are too crowded in the season time, you can not really relax and just enjoy it. Plus, they can be dirty sometimes, wich is the horrible thing. I just wanted to enjoy the pure nature in it’s best, and to shut down my brain for a second. Read More

Relaxed monday on the Danube’s beach in Novi Sad

    This Monday, the weather was surprisingly hot for this time of the year – 28 Celsius degrees here in Novi Sad. I had to finish some works on my college in the morning and I was free all afternoon. Since I was under stress these days, I decide to spend the afternoon with my friend relaxing on this lovely Danube’s beach. The beach was so calm and without of crowds, just perfect for relaxing! The sun was shinning so strong, that I even got burned and now have stripes of my T-shirt. 😀 Read More