Silver skirt and white t-shirt | #ootd


  Yesterday was a wonderful day, we spent the morning at the beach enjoying English breakfast at Sam Remo’s beach club and sun tanning at the sandy Ghadira bay. Later on, we did some shopping in Sliema at Tigne point shopping mall.

  Few days ago I finally found a t-shirt that perfectly matches with my silver skirt (wich I didn’t have a chance to wear yet cause none of the tops I have goes nicely with it) so I really wanted to wear it yesterday. And the first plan was to wear my new silver sandals, but since the evenings are a bit chilly I decided to go for my sneakers. For my hairstyle I decided to wear a slick low ponytail to add some elegance to the outfit. The most important thing about this hairstyle is that the hair is tamed and silky and I get there by using a hair oil on the whole length of the ponytail. Or if I don’t have a hair oil, serum or a coconut oil I just use a little bit of a body lotion wich is not heavy.

  The choker necklace gave it a bit of charm, and I was wearing a silver ring with a big stone. I didn’t want to go over the top with the jewelry since the outfit is sporty/casual and the skirt is shiny already.

Me moving and a night shooting caused a blurred photos 😦

  I had my biker jacket on top later on and for the bag I decided to take my blue cross body bag just to keep it neutral but also to add some color to the outfit.
What do you think,  how do you like the whole outfit? I liked it because it was so casual and comfortable for a shopping and long walk afterwards, and yet elegant and glamorous for the street style.♡

Wearing: t-shirt – Kiabi

skirt – Pull and Bear

choker – New Look

bag – Terranova style

sneakers – Reebok

biker jacket – New Look

‘Till the next time,

Love, Bonny.

View on Valletta from Sliema
Balluta bay, Sliema
Balluta bay, Sliema

Visiting my home part 2 | sisters love


The best thing about having a brothers and sisters is that you share all your memories with them and that you can always count on them. ♡ My sister Maja was always my best friend and all the things in life we went through together always supporting each other. The best thing about growing up like this is that we shared everything – the room, the clothes and even friends. We always used to go out together even tho sometimes we liked completely different music and places. And even now when we have completely different lifestyles, we can not miss a chance to go out together…

  But my sister Maja wasn’t the only one who was always there. We shared our childhood with cousins Aleksandra and Nemanja and we have so much beautiful memories in our lifes together. When we went on college Aleksandra, Maja and I were sharing the flat and there were always a good parties going on the weekends and even in the middle of the week, you know the student’s life. ;D

  And so on, whenever I’m visiting Serbia we always plan a girls night out to evoke the memories. And it’s always a good fun! ♡ I would never change them for anything in the world.

  Pssst..Hoping for some good night out again in December. We have some important things to do.;* ♡

’till the next time,

Love, Bonny.♡

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Being outside makes me happy | all navy #ootd

  Coming back from Serbia last week, I had to finish everything with unpacking, cleaning house and doing some shopping during the week and  I was also working longer shifts and decluttering my phone, computer and camera. It took me a week to do those things and today finally catch some time for a morning walk. Being outside makes me really happy, just walking and resting my mind, talking with my boyfriend and breathing deeply. The weather was rainy last week, but since the weekend it’s just perfect for enjoying the walks. Not to hot, not cold, just sunny and nice.:D


..So it made it perfect for wearing this top which is very light and transparent, but with longer sleeves. If it’s colder, it’s to cold for it, and today was little bit warm on the sun in it, to be honest, but in a shade it’s just fine. Now is the time of the year when you just don’t know what to wear,  one moment you feel warm, one moment cold and that is when you wear this kind of strange pieces.

  This walk today made me so much more relaxed and alive, plus the view was gorgeous. And if you have a good company, the day is already fulfilled.♡

Wearing: top – Promod

bottoms – Terranova style

sneakers – Kiabi

  How are you spending days in the autumn? Do you just adore walks in the nature like me?  For me, those kind of small things are really special and I appreciate them so much.^○^

’till the next time,

Love, Bonny.♡

Visiting my home | photoshooting with the cutest boy on earth

  Wanting to enjoy every moment to the fullest, I didn’t take much shots while on my holiday in Serbia, however there were some nice photos here and there. ;D First two days the weather was just fine, a bit cooler but still sunny and clear, yet later it became rainy and cloudy and my plan of taking the photos of my home town was clearly ruined. Anyway, as I said I did make some photos with my family and they mean a lot to me. ❤ 😀 In this blog post I will share with you some of the cutest photos on this blog so far and the shooting was with my sister’s son while we were playing in the yard of the house where I live. Take a look.;D

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia
Posing to a camera 😀
holiday in Serbia
Taking this shooting seriously 😉


holiday in Serbia
Mr Charming ❤

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia
My mom has always liked gardening and lavender

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia
Sunset in our living room makes a lovely shades.

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia
messy mess ❤

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia
View thro my window

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

holiday in Serbia

How do you like to spend the time with your family? Do you have a cute little poser relative like I do? 😀

Tell me in the comments! 😀

‘Till the next time,

love, Bonny. ❤

Effortless charm | coffee and plans

“Why did you dress up just to go for a coffee?”

“Because I have a new clothes and I didn’t have a chance to wear it yet. :p”

  …it’s been a tough and busy summer and yes, quite a most of the clothes I have bought this season I didn’t even wear yet. My mind is exhausted, my thoughts are overflowing and I need a break! 🙂 Two more days and I’m gonna be traveling home to Serbia for a needed holiday.

  Two days ago we went for a coffee just to relax a bit and make a new plans for months to come, to take a look back on the past season and just to unwind. I felt a bit like dressing up, but still it was just a casual day with a casual Americano in our favorite Seaview bar which is 5 minutes away from our flat. And yes, we decided to come here more often since we enjoy this view so much.

This is what I was wearing that day..

  I’m gonna go packing now and let you wish me a safe travel, for the next post is probably gonna be made in Serbia.

I’m wearing: shirt – Kiabi

shorts – Bershka

sandals – New Look

sunglasses – local market 


Talk to you soon, 

Love, Bonny.♡

20 FACTS ABOUT ME | #GetToKnowMe

  As I promised, I’m gonna share with you more about me and this time I’m gonna do it as 20 facts about me. Hope you guys find it interesting. ;D

#1 My favorite color is red, but if we are talking about clothes – it is blue.

#2 I am petite – 156,5 cm ( that’s why I love to tip toe on my photos). 😀

#3 I wear glasses since I was 7. There was a short break of 2-3 years when I didn’t have to wear them, but most of my life I am wearing them.

#4 Cats or dogs? Both, but first dogs.

#5 Fun fact about me: I look serious, but my close friends know that I am silly, oh so silly to the bones..

#6 I am serious.

#7 I used to trained dance for many years, I is one of my biggest passions.

#8 I used to play softball in high school, it was good time with friends, we had so much fun.

#9 My favorite singer used to be Beyoncé since I was 12, now it is not anymore. I don’t think I have one now.

#10 I always had a dream of running my own business, something that would be creative and inspirational. I also wanted to work for a magazines, since I was a child I used to make my own magazines and scrap books.

#11 I am afraid of bugs and lizards and I have claustrophobia.

#12 By now, I have visited Italy, Malta, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro and I would like to travel everywhere.

#13 My boyfriend’s name is Vladimir, we are 4 and half years together and we are planning our wedding soon. ❤

#14 Some of my favorite bloggers are: Kenza, Negin Mirshalehi, Lydia E.M., Emitaz, Xenia Tcoumitcheva…

#15 I speak Serbian and english, I used to learn German in grammar schoOL for 4 years. I understand spanish and a bit of Italian. I also used to learn Slovenian on the college, I used to speak it then but most of it I have forgotten. Latin in grammar – I never liked it and it was very difficult for me.

#16 My bad habit: I am a pro in procrastinating. :S

#17 My phone: Samsung galaxy J5

#18 Most expensive purchase I made by myself: my profi camera last April. :)))

#19 Other hobbies beside blogging: reading, photography, walking, journaling, meditating, watching you tube, TV shows, Pinteresting all day long, scrap booking, doing make up on others…

#20 I love my readers!! :*

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Lunch at the old town Mdina | Malta


  Few days ago we had a plan of going to the Blue Grotto here in Malta and since we don’t have a car, we use public transport. So we got ready for the day near the sea, excited about visiting the caves, taking some photos etc. We checked the route and there was no direct bus from our village to there, we had to change the bus in Mdina. But once we arrived to Mdina, the other bus didn’t show up in almost 2 hours so the plan was canceled and we stayed for lunch there at Mdina fortress.

  We walked around in a search for a restaurant and they were all full, until I saw a small street and a  sing for a restaurant inside of the street. The menu look interesting and different wich I liked because to be honest, I got tired of all the restaurants having almost the same menu so we decided to stay there. The name of a restaurant was “Secret garden” if I’m not mistaking and the ambience is really amazing. And what I liked the most is that there was no people at all, only one couple next to us wich have left before we got our food. Enjoying the food was complete in the calm of the garden and we realy got relaxed after all the crowds on the bus stop. We were served by an older lady wich was obviously in a bad mood and a younger man who was very kind.

Me completely make up free as we planned a day near the see 😀

  I ordered a crispy duck salad with pears and Vladimir ordered a stuffed rabbit leg. Both dishes were tasty, I only didn’t like that my duck was so dry and overdone, but I guess it was supposed to be like that. After all, the day was not completely ruined for we enjoyed this delicious meal! ;D

‘Till the next time,

sending you my love, Bonny. ❤

Big Stradivarius haul | try on haul

  Being around 40° C most of the time for almost a month was not easy to handle even if you did nothing but drinking a cold drink near the pool or beach, and so it wasn’t easy preparing a new blog post. Especially ‘try on’ blog post. 😀 I had, I mean really HAD to do it in a swimsuit with a wet hair, cause that is how I was most of the time in my house. And it was still too hot! 🙂

  P.s. That is why I simply could not try one piece to show you, and it was a winter jumper, way too much.xD

  So, I found so good sale on Stradivarius web page, I made two orders and some of the clothes are gifts for my mom and sister, but I wanted to show you how all of them look like when you try them. And most of them look different when you try them than in a store or on the web. I hope this is going to be little bit helpful or inspirational for those who are about to update their wardrobes. Or anyone else who likes fashion and blogs, like I do. Enjoy it! :*

Those who follow me on my Insta @bonnyssoulfood could see my struggles with this belt.:D

Please tell me your honest opinion, I would like to hear your feedback! ♡

Talk to you soon, take care!



Why leather? | Reasons why I prefer real leather over fake one

Hello, lovelies!

  Today I wanted to chat with you on leather topic – why is leather so popular in fashion and other areas of life and why I personally like it.

Leather accessories   The one of the reasons, and I would say the most important one is because of its endurance and quality. The things made from real leather can last so many years without any big damage on it, especially if we take care of them. I still wear a leather bags that my mom bought when she was 20 something. And they are still in a very good shape and yet they are always so classic that they rarely go out of fashion. Comparing to them, my lovely Bershka bag that is made from some synthetic material is decent quality and yet after only few wearings it got damaged. I was so unpleasant to see that because I really love my bags and I don’t want to throw away any of them after one season just because it is clearly damaged and looks very old.Yes, it can be frustrating and I understand that the price of the bag was way less than if I bought a real leather one. But if you really want to have one special bag for a lifetime, can you really compare the price of that bag with the years you are going to wear it? That way real leather doesn’t seem expensive at all. You can have a leather belt or a gloves for 20 years and buy them for 30-50€.  So, that’s a good point and I won’t say any much more, but if you want to educate on this topic here is where you can find brilliant articles.

Leather accessories

  I really like the idea of having a leather luggage bag because it is so fashionable and I am honestly sick of changing luggage bags because they break so easily (not that we girls like to over pack tho, but anyways…) Yes, leather bag is on my wish list! 😀

  P.s.  And one more thing – for all the people who told me that the idea of having a leather furniture is stupid – guess what: in this rented flat we have leather furniture and I really don’t have to worry, I dropped the coffee so many times on it and just wiped it with cloth, ha! No stains, nothing. We just cover it with blankets, wash blankets in machine from time to time, dust off the furniture and it is always clean and it doesn’t hold the dust inside. So check once again if the idea was so stupid! 😀 😀

Leather accessories

Leather accessories

Take care guys and don’t take me to seriously when I’m joking. Enjoy your week and stay well.

 Love from Bonny.:)

Mini Zara haul | what I have bought in Zara lately

 Updating your wardrobe and  in a search for some pieces that you can wear in many occasions this summer? Check out this three pieces, cause I bought them last week and I already wore them many times in different occasions as they are very simple and easy to transform from casual to formal or evening combinations.

Zara top, outfits

 First one is this off-shoulder top with ruffles in red color. I was wearing it this week when I went to the beach, to a grocery, for an ice-cream and almost always with some high-waisted bottoms and I am really really in love with it. It is so feminine and youthful and very comfortable to wear. Also I’m gonna be wearing it in some evening occasions, too.

Zara dress, Zara outfits, bag

  The bag with a golden chain was on a special offer and I was in a search for some evening bag and that was it! 🙂 The price was about 15€ and I know I’m gonna be wearing it for many many years since I’m a freak for this kind of bags. I already wore it when I went for drinks in a local pub and fancy dinner with friends. But, since it is not too glamorous I can also wear it in the day time. The golden chain is a winner for me and I also like the half orange detail on the clutch. Simple and very elegant.

Zara dress, Zara outfits

  And the grey simple dress – oh, I love how my body looks like in it! The dress is really easy to adopt in many outfits. I was wearing it for a lunch at the beach, then when I went for a coffee with my friend and also for some medical appointment last friday with my boyfriend because the dress is not to short (it goes until my knees) and we had a heat wave last week here in Malta (it was 46°C in shade last Friday) so I realy needed something where my skin can breathe. And if you match it with high heels and some nice jewelry you have a wining combination for a night out.

Zara top, zara outfits

  I really like to invest in pieces that I know I will wear many many times and that look great on my body. And I made a good shopping with this three pieces – in a week I already wore them so many times (as you could see on my insta stories ;D ). How about you, what are your wining pieces for this summer? 🙂

Let me know in the comments, I would really like to hear from you. 

Stay well and enjoy this hot days,

Until he next time. Bonny

*This was not a paid post. I do not promote Zara, only showing what I wear in a hope to inspire someone. 😉