Visiting my home part 2 | sisters love

  The best thing about having a brothers and sisters is that you share all your memories with them and that you can always count on them. ♡ My sister Maja was always my best friend and all the things in life we went through together always supporting each other. The best thing about growing […]

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Being outside makes me happy | all navy #ootd

  Coming back from Serbia last week, I had to finish everything with unpacking, cleaning house and doing some shopping during the week and  I was also working longer shifts and decluttering my phone, computer and camera. It took me a week to do those things and today finally catch some time for a morning […]

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Visiting my home | photoshooting with the cutest boy on earth

  Wanting to enjoy every moment to the fullest, I didn’t take much shots while on my holiday in Serbia, however there were some nice photos here and there. ;D First two days the weather was just fine, a bit cooler but still sunny and clear, yet later it became rainy and cloudy and my […]

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20 FACTS ABOUT ME | #GetToKnowMe

  As I promised, I’m gonna share with you more about me and this time I’m gonna do it as 20 facts about me. Hope you guys find it interesting. ;D #1 My favorite color is red, but if we are talking about clothes – it is blue. #2 I am petite – 156,5 cm […]

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Lunch at the old town Mdina | Malta

    Few days ago we had a plan of going to the Blue Grotto here in Malta and since we don’t have a car, we use public transport. So we got ready for the day near the sea, excited about visiting the caves, taking some photos etc. We checked the route and there was […]

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My Bedtime Beauty Routine

My Bedtime Beauty Routine

  So I got a request to make a post about my bedtime beauty routine, and here it is. 🙂 I am glad to see that you are interested in more content, so please if you have any request about what you would like to read on my blog let me know. 😉  Talking about […]

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A walk above the Golden bay and Gnejna, Malta

Gnejna bay

  Last Monday honey and I went for a walk on the hills above the Golden bay and Gnejna and we captured some nice photos. 🙂 The weather was a bit windy, but that made my hair look better on the photos. And on the way back we saw a couple getting wedding photos on […]

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My first week of 2017. in photos

lovely clouds

  I hope you had enjoyed your holidays as I did, even tho I was working every day, including the New Year’s Eve until 23h. But that didn’t manage to ruin my mood, at least not that much (blink, blink). So, I came home from work one hour before the midnight, had a quick shower, […]

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Christmas shopping collage

Valleta view

  This monday I went to shopping mall to look around, take some photos and buy one piece that I have spotted a month ago, but have never bought it until now.  It came up in my mind when somebody mentioned an event that I will be attending this January. So I decided to finally […]

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Being active with style

Casual style clothes

  During the summer days I like to keep being active, I’m always planning the next move and my day is never long enough. Last two summers I prefered wearing more ladylike clothes like dresses and elegant white hats for the beach, but this summer I wear more comfortable sporty clothes and a backpack. Whatever […]

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