Oriflame My Naked Truth body cream | review

 I bought this perfumed Oriflame cream somewhere around Christmas but I still had some other opened creams that I wanted to finish before I open this one. And also I felt pity to open it because it was looking so great, I just wanted to keep it like that and look at it, wondering what’s […]

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Morning with Oriflame Malta | beauty talks


  “You know, It’s very important for me to be my own boss and be able to organise my time”, opened Oana to me as we drove to her shop last Friday morning. She spoke about  what does being independent woman means for her, also about how she manages to run her business with Oriflame. […]

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My Bedtime Beauty Routine

My Bedtime Beauty Routine

  So I got a request to make a post about my bedtime beauty routine, and here it is. 🙂 I am glad to see that you are interested in more content, so please if you have any request about what you would like to read on my blog let me know. 😉  Talking about […]

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Monthly faves | May 2017

May 2017 favorites

  It’s 1st of June and I am finally doing my May favorites, yup. Not late at all. 😀 But, you know, the products need a time to show their true nature..and I need a time to make up my mind. Speaking of that, I found a perfect illustration of procrastination in process and yes, […]

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Brighten up your face – Farmasi brightening face cream review

Farmasi brightening face cream

  We all want that perfect skin, but when it comes to achieving it, sometimes we will need some more patience. Sun, stress, pollution, junk food and alcohol – they all make a damage to our skin, but If you don’t want to or you can’t to remove those things out of your life, at […]

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Farmasi silver glitter eyeliner | rewiev

glitter silver eyeliner -Farmasi

 Hi, what is weather like in your place at this first day of spring? Here is raining – not realy spring welcoming, but anyways, sunny days are coming our way. 😉 Today I’m gonna do instant review of a product I’ve been talking about lately. It is glittery eyeliner from Farmasi cosmetics, it’s a Turkish […]

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Beauty haul january 2017.

Beauty haul

  Hey, beauty addicts! 😀 …This month I was sure one of them as you can see on the photo – yes, these are all the products that I have either purchased or got as a gift during this january. And I am glad to write a review of all of them for you and […]

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What is your #labellomoment?

Labello watermelon #labellomoment

     Life is happy when it is filled with happy moments and in the summer time, there is a plenty of them, if you agree with me? 🙂 So much time for all the activities that you hadn’t have time for them from meeting new and old friends, trying that new hobby or relaxing near […]

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Banana Boat – Aloe vera gel: review

Aloe vera gel - Banana boat

     Hello to all after a while. I haven’t been writing for a some time, and the reason for that is that I have been trying a lot of new products from different sides of a world. I don’t really want to write about something that have never tried, and also I want to […]

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Avon Naturals essential balm – green olive: review

Avon Naturals skin care essential balm - green olive

     Hello lovelies, how are you? It’s almost June, are you planning your holiday soon? 😀 Today I will write about one tiny product that has become my friend recently. Everything about him is so cute! It is Avon’s essential balm from the Naturals line. I have never regretted that I bought it and […]

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