Little life update – hello to a new me

  It’s been a long time since I wrote last time, there have been a few big changes in my life and while I was preparing a lot on new content I was also learning how to adjust to a new life routine. Number one thing that happened last month, as you may know is that:

1) we got married

We spent 3 weeks in Serbia and it even tho it was a lovely time with family and friends, it was also stressful due to wedding organization and everything else that follows. I will try to make few posts on this subject and give some tips that I learned along the way. It could be helpful to some future bride. 🙂

The second thing that happened is

2) I stopped my previous job

This has affected my life in a way that I no longer work late evening shifts and go to bed at 2am. Now, I am waking up early, refreshed and energized and I have evenings all for myself. I like to have a 20 minute walk in the morning and read a book, watch a  TV series and relax before sleep. I started watching Scandal TV series and I read a 50 is not a four letter word book which I really enjoy. From time to time I make myself a fancy cocktail or pour a glass of red wine (you all know how much I like it ;)) . And did I mention I make a cocktails for everyone else and I enjoy doing it?



3) I cut my hair short

I planned it for a long time and happened now. I was waiting for a wedding to pass, so that I could make a nice updo for it, but right after 3 days I went to salon and cut it to a shoulder length wich is basically the most common hairstyle that I was wearing when I was younger.

These are the 3 bigger changes that I made in my life last month so you can understand why I was absent from my blog. ♡ (I mean, cutting my hair didn’t affect it, haha! 😀 )

Some more photos from my phone gallery over the past month…



 I am also trying to simplify my life and liberate myself from unnecessary rules. I managed to recognize where I meet my comfort zones and to live more in the moment and be spontaneous and less nervous about the things. And that is how my life looks like this Jun/July 2018.

And how is your life? What are your aspirations at the moment. What motivates you and how does your daily routine looks like? Also, could you recommend me some good book, movie or a TV series? I decided to give more time for things that make me relax and enjoy, also laugh.

Write your heart out and let me know bellow in the comment section.♡

P.s. Did any of you made your first video on IGTV? This new feature makes me so excited! 😀

Monthly mantra : mediocre is sometimes just fine.

Always yours,


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Hi there. My name is Vanja Vujević and I like to call myself a creative dreamer, all the shiny and creative things corrupt my soul. In January 2016. I started my lifestyle/ fashion blog Bonny's Soulfood.At the moment I am residing at the sunny island of Malta whilst enjoying a beach life. P.s. *Let your soul shine*

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