Pink blazer – my top piece of the seasson Spring ’18 | #ootd

I bought this blazer last September from Stradivarius on their web shop and honestly didn’t think I would love it so much. When I was buying it seemed more like a beach kimono kind of piece, but then when it arrived I realised that it is more elegant and could be worn in so many different styles – over the mini dress or trousers or shorts.. What I like the most about this piece is its vibrant color, lately I’m loving pink and this shade puts me instantly in a good mood. So, as I said, I bought it last fall and right after I was traveling to Serbia. I packed it with me and had several outfits on my mind and how I’m going to rock it, I was so excited, but when I came to Serbia the weather was already colder and not appropriate for this silky blazer. Hm, hm.. I even packed with me my bikini and had plans to dive into a swimming pool with my girls, but when they saw my bikini in a suitcase they started laughing to me – you think everywhere is like in Malta? 😀 To be fair, it was never that hot in Serbia in the end of September but I was just carried by my idea of nice weather and day by the pool.

When I returned to Malta weather was changing, there were some hot days – I was swimming in the sea in November, but I just didn’t have a chance to pull this blazer out of the wardrobe and wear it, not even once. And the whole winter it was there, looking at me and wondering when it is going to be his time.:)

Then two weeks ago we went to Valletta and I just couldn’t be more excited that the weather got warm enough, at last. I decided to go for an all black outfit and spicy it with this vibrant pink silk kimono/blazer. And I didn’t go wrong. I knew it is going to look so chic. I was also wearing this black slippers from Romwe for the first time and they are so comfortable! I enjoyed walking all day long in them. I love how they are versatile and perfect both for day and evening occasions. The plan was just casual walks and sitting near the beach, but if we decided to go somewhere fancy for a drink, they would still be a perfect match. All this outfit made me so happy – and when I’m happy about my outfit it means that it is effortless, comfortable, simple yet chic and it does not give me any worries through the whole day, meaning I don’t have to fix something or that something is not comfortable enough and I feel it. This one was none of that. And I love it! ♡ And you?

What is your number one piece this Spring? Tell me all in the comments.♡

I am wearing:

Blazer – Stradivarius

Ripped trousers – Kiabi (I made them ripped ;))

Slippers – Romwe

Watch – Capitola (code ‘MSBONNY’)

Bag – gift

Black T-shirt – Kiabi, man’s department

Golden necklace – Perditi


Bonny. ♡

Beautiful garden of Valletta ❤

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Hi there. My name is Vanja Vujević and I like to call myself a creative dreamer, all the shiny and creative things corrupt my soul. In January 2016. I started my lifestyle/ fashion blog Bonny's Soulfood.At the moment I am residing at the sunny island of Malta whilst enjoying a beach life. P.s. *Let your soul shine*

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