Leo Mazzotti sent me a new Milano bracelet

Leo Mazzotti bracelet

Right after posting about what happened to my bracelet (here) I decided to send Leo Mazzotti an e-mail saying what happened and if there is any warranty for their products. I highlighted that I understand I waited a bit longer before contacting them, but I explained that I was angry at the moment for I really loved this bracelet (which is true, I was wearing it all the time, I was in love – maybe that’s why it hit me so hard to see it broken) and I was completely honest with them. I wrote a bit longer mail and apologized for taking their time. Only after a minute I received their short reply where they said that even tho my warranty was expired months ago they will make an exception and send me a new bracelet this time. Only after one week the bracelet was delivered to my door. What I noticed straight away was that there was a small difference between this bracelet and my old one – the buckle was matte and the old one shiny and the letters were pinkish. So I can see they were making some changes to their products. I hope they improved them and this one will last longer. I really wish to have for some longer period of time, it is classic piece and i can match it easily with all my outfits. The golden accessories obsession will go on.. 😉 ❤

Leo Mazzotti bracelet
Leo Mazzotti bracelet

Leo Mazzotti bracelet

Leo Mazzotti bracelet

Leo Mazzotti bracelet

Thanks Leo Mazzotti for being nice to me! I do appreciate your quick response and my new bracelet. 🙂

To my readers – tell us what is your experience with this brand? How did you heard of them? Did you purchased some of their bracelets, are you happy with them? I am more than curious to know everything! 😀 Don’t be shy, tell your story.

You can still use my code ‘bonnyssoulfood’ to get 10% off from your order if you wish to have some of their bracelets.

Love you all,

Bonny. ❤

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