Where to find perfect Spring outfit if you are on a budget? | #ootd

With the first warmer days and a sight of a Spring we want to stretch out our legs, spend more time outside, declutter homes but also refresh our look and update our wardrobe. But our budget won’t let us always buy a loads of new trendy pieces that we crave for. That’s why we need to be smart.;D I love to spend more money on some classic pieces that I am sure I will be wearing in all seasons and in many occasions, but when it comes to daily tops or some pieces for one season, sometimes I prefer buying more things that are cheaper, but look good. And I usually fall in love with some clothes, I love to wear it a lot but then I want to refresh my look after a while and I don’t regret spending money on them. I would certainly regret spending a lot of money on something that I like now but I feel I won’t be wearing it a lot, or I might change my mind.

Last month I was in a search for budget friendly online shops that have trendy pieces and I noticed I see often that certain brand on Instagram and on the blogs. The brand is called Romwe and later on I realised it is the part of a Shein brand (on my delivery was Shein as a sender and on the jewelry was their tag). I loved the clothes that I was seeing around and when I went to their website I couldn’t belive how cheap it was. Some things were really really cheap, but not looking like crap. I decided to give it a go! 😀 Btw, I have a separate post about things I purchased and some more details about the shop here.

Anywas, I loved this shirt and the bag so I had to think of the outfit and how to wear them. It was not problem at all, they match easily any style or occasion. I have three different combinations with them for my first outfit – one with heels, one with flats and one with my jacket on.

#1 Combination – classy outfit with heels

I didn’t go anywhere like this yet, but I felt good that day and I had a haircut so I wanted to make shoots of this outfit. I just felt inspired. 🙂

2# Combination with flat shoes – perfect for a Spring walk

Last Monday we spent the whole day outside and I was wearing this outfit. The weather was sunny with 24°C but also windy, so you really need to be smart when dressing because you feel cold at one moment and then warm heat the next moment. I felt comfortable dressed like this, the shirt is not tight so your skin can breathe, but you are also covered and don’t feel cold on the wind or in a shade.

#3 Combination – with a jacket for a night

When the sun goes down the temperature drops down very quickly so it’s smart to have some layers – jacket or a cardigan. To be honest, I felt a bit cold on my ankles, but I guess that’s just me – always feeling cold on my feet.

And that is how I imagine my perfect Spring outfit – trendy but also classic in one way. Jeans, shirt, jacket and small bag – the combinations with this basics are endless, and the most important – any of this pieces you can implement in more elegant outfits and add so many different accessories to always look good and fresh! 😉 So, how do you like it? What do you like to wear in a Spring time? Let me know, I’ll be glad to hear from you.♡

Btw, this was not sponsored post in any way, I just wanted to share with you this brand that I discovered recently cause they really have nice things and they update their site with new things every day, plus always have some deals and discounts. So I thought it could be useful. ;D

In this post I’m wearing:

Shirt, bag – Romwe

Jeans – Terranova style

Jacket – New Look

Heels – Kiabi

Flat shoes – gift from my mom

Necklace in the #1 combination – Balacia

Necklace in the #2 and #3 combination – Romwe

Sunglasses – local market in Marssaskala, Malta

Enjoy your days and don’t forget to meditate regularly,

Love you all,

Your Bonny.♡

P.s. Are we friends on Instagram yet? Let me know your IG handles, I’ll be glad to see your feeds! :*

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Hi there. My name is Vanja Vujević and I like to call myself a creative dreamer, all the shiny and creative things corrupt my soul. In January 2016. I started my lifestyle/ fashion blog Bonny's Soulfood.At the moment I am residing at the sunny island of Malta whilst enjoying a beach life. P.s. *Let your soul shine*

6 thoughts on “Where to find perfect Spring outfit if you are on a budget? | #ootd

  1. I LOVE your outfit combos, it’s so cool to see how you can style an outfit in multiple ways – I’m not very fashion savvy so I loved this! Also I saw you got your bag & shirt from Romwe, would you recommend buying from them?! Loved this post! ❤ x


    1. Thank you so much, I am glad that I inspired you! ♡ I do recomend bying from them – comparing the prices and the quality/nice designs they are pretty cool. Another thing, my packet arrived after one week only, wich is great! However, I don’t recommend buying jewelry, my becklase completely changed the color after a week and it is not for wearing anymore. The other things are good so far! 😀


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