What happened to my Leo Mazzotti? | brand review update

And here we are, one year later. And do I still think the same about Leo Mazzotti? I regret writing this post little bit later than I planed because a lot of people are reading my review about Leo Mazzotti for they get “the offer” from this brand. And in fact, if you google review about them my blog is the first one to appear. So I feel the responsibility to share with you my story one year after I received my bracelet.

And here it goes : last september I was in the government office in Valletta, sitting still and waiting to hear my number and approach to the counter, deep in my thoughts. And all of a sudden my bracelet just simply fell of from my and made a sharp sound while hitting the floor. All of the people waiting there with me looked at me and that moment was so awkward. It was so unexpected and yet I didn’t even move my hand and the bracelet ended on the floor. At first I thought that it just opened and fell of, but as I reached it I realised it was broken. And my face was filled with horror and disappointment. And the people were still looking at me. I went blushed and put my bracelet in my bag quickly. When I came home I tried to stick it with the glue, but as you can see on the photos – the braids are gone much wider and they don’t fit the buckle anymore. There was some kind of sticky tape around them to help keeping them inside, but it fell of.

Later on I massaged on Instagram one of the accounts that approached me in the first place to tell them what happened and they told me to send dm to main account. Which I didn’t do at the moment and forgot to do it after. In fact I was not even sure what to write to them, like “Hey, my bracelet is broken, can you send me another one so we can pretend nothing happened and keep on selling dreams to people?”. Nah, I wanted to talk to you guys first. Maybe I will send them that e-mail today, but this way I feel better. I don’t want to tell you to buy something that is sh***.

Yes, I was naive as I was. The brand has grown since the last year, and I helped that growth too. My first post about Leo Mazzotti has views everyday and people are sending me messages to ask about my experience. And there you go – completely honest story from me.

Was I unlucky and that only happened to me or the product isn’t really that good, I leave to you to decide. I can’t tell myself either. I just know that I feel pity and disappointments.

If you have any experience with this brand, I ask you to share it with me and the readers, it would really help not to judge early. I don’t want to say anything against this brand, I realy hope it was me that was unlucky.

I will share more similar stories soon! Keep in touch.♡



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