Valentine’s Day Gifts on Any Budget | by Peter Minkoff

Valentine's gift guide

  Hi sweeties, today we have a guest writer on the blog – hes name is Peter Minkoff and he has decided to write this Valentine’s gift guide exclusively for Bonny’s Soulfood! Let’s see what ideas he has brought to us! ;* 

 Ah, nothing like Valentine’s Day to bring some love back into your life! Whether you think it’s just a commercial holiday or something genuinely romantic, there’s no denying that we all look forward to spending some quality time with our boos and enjoying a hot little date. And hey, even if you don’t have a partner to celebrate with, who says you can’t just go out with your friends and spend the night boozing and laughing about terrible dates you had to endure in the past? Whoever it is that you’ve deemed worthy of a gift for this year’s Valentine’s Day, we know that everyone’s got a different budget so we’re here to help. Take a look at our suggestions ahead and pick whatever you like – all ideas are certifiably awesome!

A luxurious weekend getaway

 Are you rich, fabulous, and totally eager to treat your darling to some luxurious fun? Then book a trip and go skiing in Switzerland, or a romantic date in Italy, or a cultural adventure in Vienna! Travel together and explore the world, because there’s nothing like being alone in a beautiful country to really make the experience feel special.

Spa day goodies

 This is a wonderful gift for anyone, and a really great option if you know your partner’s been feeling stressed lately. Grab a big basket and fill it up with goodies: bath bombs, nourishing lotions and hand creams, scented candles, massage oils, fuzzy socks, and a bottle of wine. Decorate it and wrap it up nicely, and you’ll be giving them all they need to make a relaxing spa day at home (and hey, you can offer to join them and give them a massage).


Fitness equipment

 Workout junkies and anyone who inspires to become one will adore this gift. If they love staying in shape, then quality fitness equipment is a very thoughtful thing to get, and you can go for anything from a good exercise mat to a spin machine depending on your budget.

A good novel

 Is your darling a book-loving geek? Then a book is pretty much a must, but if you’re not sure what to get, you can always look at the Booker prize shortlist for inspiration, or check out their Goodreads page to see what’s on their “to read” list.

book Valentine's gift guide

A crafty notebook

 If you like to draw, write, and colour, then grab a small blank notebook and title it “Reasons Why I Love You.” Each page should give them one reason, but try to make it special. Write down things that are unique to them as a person and to you both as a couple. Decorate with drawings, patterns, or stickers, and you’ll craft a very beautiful, touching gift that’s silly, romantic, and absolutely endearing.

Homemade cupcakes

 A completely inexpensive yet wonderful gift! Homemade cupcakes let you get creative and decorate them with pink frosting and little hearts, but you can also make them muffins, cookies, or even chocolate bars. Pretty much anyone’s heart would melt to receive something you’ve cooked yourself, especially if it’s something sweet and tasty.

hands-summer-party-colorful cupcakes

A sexy night

 Hey, it doesn’t get any cheaper than “basically no money involved whatsoever.” Put on something sexy and silky, go meet up with them, then whisper in their ear how you want to fulfil their every fantasy that night. Give a little smirk, lick your lips, and blow them a kiss. Watch them blush and grin, and then proceed to have an unforgettable night together. See, absolutely no money required and you’ll both be having fun!

There you go people, now all you need to do is pick a gift, bring some positive energy with you, and enjoy a romantic and lovely Valentine’s Day!


Like Peter said, there you go! 😀 Now we only have to choose one of the ideas or get inspired by those. I already have something on my mind.:)


Peter is a beauty and fashion editor HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on  Twitter for more tips.


‘Till the next time,

love, Bonny.


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