Oriflame My Naked Truth body cream | review

 I bought this perfumed Oriflame cream somewhere around Christmas but I still had some other opened creams that I wanted to finish before I open this one. And also I felt pity to open it because it was looking so great, I just wanted to keep it like that and look at it, wondering what’s the smell like. 😀 My first impression of this cream was the packaging, I instantly fell in love. I already have an idea to save it once the product is finished and to keep some things in it (hair pins or something like that).

Oriflame body cream My Naked Truth

Oriflame body cream My Naked Truth

 Then, when I opened it I fell in love for the second time. The smell of this cream is so good, soft but luxurious, it reminds me a bit of Christina Aguilera perfumes which I really like. The smell stays on the skin for a long time and it kind of makes scented aura around oneself. The consistency of the cream is light and watery, very soft and it soaks in the skin quickly. It is more like a lotion than I would say a cream, it is very very light and soft and it makes skin realy soft on the touch. At the moment my skin is very dry (like every other winter) so I need also something more rich, like a body butter, but this cream manages to keep my skin hydrated all day. I will be using it occasionally (also because it is so special) this winter, but for the summer time I think it is perfect. It is not greasy at all and I love scented creams in the summer when my skin is more exposed. In any case I recommend trying this cream, they have several different scents so you can find one that suits your liking. This is that one product that you love only by looking at it.♡

Oriflame body cream My Naked Truth

Oriflame body cream My Naked Truth

Oriflame body cream My Naked Truth

 What is your favorite body cream at the moment? Didi you try this Oriflame scented ones? Which one is your favorite? I have only tried this one but I’m curios about the other ones as well.:)

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