Perfect fall outfit inspiration | my 10 must have pieces

perfect fall outfit

   What would be my perfect fall outfit – that was the question that popped out in my head these days so  I started my research. I was going thru my pictures of fall outfits this year and last year and these are the 10 pieces that I found in almost every picture. So, what are my 10 must have pieces for perfect fall outfit?


  Leather jacket is really a must have for fall and I am sure that 90% of you have one in their closet. 😀 It is perfect for its versatility, whether you’re going for a walk, shopping, night out with girls or date you can always match it with your outfit. Plus, it is very good for layering and for the cold weather, rain and wind.

perfect fall outfit
Please, ignore the truck. :S

Jacket New Look


  Another fashion item perfect for cold weather and rain. I love my black ankle boots cause they go nicely with jeans, skirts and dresses but I love my red boots even more cause they give me such a good vibe on a grey rainy day. 🙂 I love to have contrast in my outfit be it in a color or a style, so sometimes I dress all in black/ dark colors and I wear my red boots. I like it that way.

perfect fall outfit

Boots local shop in Novi Sad, Serbia


  A girl should always have one flat shoes for rain – I choose classic black Oxford style shoes with a small platform. Oh, I just love them. JUST love them. 😉 The most of the time you can actually see me in them. They are good for long walks, they don’t make my feet tired and they are so classic which means you can wear them for a lifetime. They just never go out of style and that is a good investment.

perfect fall outfit

perfect fall outfit


perfect fall outfit

Oxford shoes with platform Pull and Bear


 Yellow is my favorite color this season so I bought one sweater in that shade. I love the contrast of it with my dark clothes (which is 80% of my wardrobe), the length and that it can be layered with other pieces. Bad weather can not ruin my mood! 😀

perfect fall outfit

Sweater Stradivarius


 Going out on the weekend but it is too cold for your favorite tops? I choose nice shirt with long sleeves. You can easily adjust it to a temperature in a club by twisting the sleeves up, opening some more buttons ( ;D ) or wearing a cardigan on top of it. Very smart!

perfect fall outfit

perfect fall outfit

Blue shirt H&M

Yellow shirt Stradivarius

Choker New Look


When you feel especially romantic and lovely just put your bright sweater on and add some shiny details like jewelry/ hair accessories/ shiny bag.. Hm, sounds like walking in the snow on Christmas!

perfect fall outfit

Blue sweater Noisy may


 One more item that all the ladies poses in their wardrobes – trench coat never goes out of style. Some like it long, some short, black or camel but everybody agrees that it is a must have for warm autumn days.

perfect fall outfit

Trench coat Terranova style


  Come on, do I need to explain it? 😀 Dark, light, skinny, classic, boyfriend, ripped, capri – we love them!

perfect fall outfit

Jeans Terranova style


My black Zara cross body bag with golden chain goes everywhere with me and knows all of my secrets. 😉

perfect fall outfit

Bag Zara


  I love golden jewelry more than silver and I allways have golden color in my outfit be it jewelry / accesories or a detail like chain of this bag above. With my style, simple, classy and contemporary jewelry goes perfectly and I love to have less but good quality jewels. I found a brand that represents my style so good and this items are so, so ME. 😮 I’m gonna send a letter to Santa telling him I need this earrings! ❤ I have one similar to this, I was wearing them last winter so much, but having them in real gold would me YASSS!

 So, that is my basic fall wardrobe and I mix this items with the rest with ease. What are your must haves for perfect fall outfit? Let me know, keep the conversation going. 😉

‘Till the next time,

your Bonny. ❤



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