Valleta Harbour cruise and Fort Rinella, Malta | travel

  Two Mondays ago we decided to do some fun things and spend the whole day outside. We woke up early and caught a bus to Sliema where we booked a tickets for a small cruise. As we jumped off the bus, the ferrie was leaving and we managed to get in the last-minute. The cruise was around Valletta and The Three cities and the wind was a bit strong, but at least it made my pictures nice with my hair flying.;D The trip lasted about hour and half and they took us back to Sliema where we went for a drink and we made a plan to go to museum. It was about noon and I was feeling dizzy from the boat trip and one can of apple cider.:D But the day was promising, the weather was just perfect with about 23°C and I enjoyed it so much.

  For the museum, we decided to go to Fort Rinella and there we had such a nice time. In the Fort they had some kind of interactive demonstrations, showing us shooting from the canyon and talking about their horses and they even let us pet one of their horses called Archy. It was on my bucket list for so long and it happened unexpected and made me so happy. And like the cherry on top of this wonderful day my boyfriend surprised me with a proposal and an engagement ring. I was filled with emotions, it could not be more perfect day! ♡♡♡

  And now let’s talk about fashion a little bit.;D I felt so causal that day and I really didn’t want to bother too much about my outfit, so I decided to go for all-black-outfit with a pink backpack. I was wearing ripped black jeans and lace top with an Oxford shoes. As I said, instead of a classic bag I took with me my new backpack. Everyone seems to crazy about backpacks – no wonder! It was perfect fit for that day, I could take so many things with me including a bottle of water and my camera yet my hands were free. For my hairstyle I decided to make this cute little bun on top of my had. So my hair was loose a bit and at the same time it wasn’t on my face. It is really hard to maintain a good hairstyle on such a windy weather! 😀

Wearing: top – gift

jeans – Kiabi

shoes – Pull and Bear

sunglasses – Stradivarius

backpack – Terranova style

So, how do you like my outfit? Did you go crazy about backpacks, too? 🙂 Let me know!.:*

Love you, Bonny. ❤

P.s. Some more photos if you are interested! :*


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Hi there. My name is Vanja Vujević and I like to call myself a creative dreamer, all the shiny and creative things corrupt my soul. In January 2016. I started my lifestyle/ fashion blog Bonny's Soulfood.At the moment I am residing at the sunny island of Malta whilst enjoying a beach life. P.s. *Let your soul shine*

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