Monthly faves | May 2017

May 2017 favorites

  It’s 1st of June and I am finally doing my May favorites, yup. Not late at all. 😀 But, you know, the products need a time to show their true nature..and I need a time to make up my mind. Speaking of that, I found a perfect illustration of procrastination in process and yes, perfectionists are usually the ones who procrastinate the most, because they always think – oh, it will not be good enough at this moment so I might do it later when I’m perfectly ready. But the thing is: no one is ever perfectly ready, they just decide to do a first move and it takes them where they want to go. Nooo, but the perfectionist is not ready, you understand me?? 😀

 Anyways, I am writing a May favorites in a June, so please don’t judge me, at least you are going to see them this Spring! ;D And here they are..

Mesmer eyez eye milk drops

May 2017 favorites, eye drops

 I started using this eye drops because my eyes became very dry and tired and the lady at pharmacy recommended this one as a very good. I have never been using something like this before, so I don’t have much experience with the eye drops, but what I can say is that they did a job. It helped me soothe, hydrate and refresh my eyes and also wake them up in the morning. I use them when I feel my eyes are dry, in the morning, evening and during the day and I have them for one month now.

Pharmaceris sebostatic day face cream

May 2017 favorites, anti acne face cream

 This cream I bought in March and I am still using it. The cream is for T-zone oily skin and it claims to reduces skin pores which I can confirm. It is a day cream with SPF20 and it normalizes the production of sebum. The cream is very supply and hydrating but not heavy at all and I looove it! The skin soak it up in a moment and it leaves it matte and perfectly ready for a make-up. So it is also a make-up primer which saves you a money and time. The cream is very good quality and I am sticking to it for now.

Farmasi facial whitening cream

May 2017 favorites - facial whitening cream

  I still use this face cream after 6 months and the more I use it, the faster it works. I am applying it at night for making my skin tone more even and brightening discoloration and redness. This cream is really great and the full review you can read here. So, I am using it for a 6 months and I put a lot and it is almost finished now, so this is really money worth product.

Simple deep cleansing face mask

May 2017 favorites - simple face mask

 At first I wasn’t happy with this mask, I didn’t have a feeling that it does something because the texture is very creamy and it doesn’t get dry like the other face masks. Also, they say on the package to leave it for 3 minutes and rinse, so I don’t think it had enough time to work  within 3 minutes. Now I leave it for 10 or 15 minutes (such a rebel) and I can see it actually work. It pulls the toxins out of the skin but in a really gentle way, plus it leaves the skin fresh and elastic which means I can use it more often. Now I love it as an instant and a mild face mask.

Beauty formulas clay face mask

May 2017 favorites - charcoal face mask

…and this one is more strong one and not for that often usage. It is made with activated charcoal and it is perfect for oily skin for it drains all the excess oil out of it. But you don’t want to use it that often because it will dry out your skin and make it produce even more oil to compensate. I use it once a week and I like how it works, it is really deep cleaning. So, I recommend it if you have an oily skin type.

Pharmaceris T-zone oily skin face wash

May 2017 favorites - Pharmaceris face wash

 Also for the oily skin type and also from Pharmaceris.. I found this brand three months ago and I love their products because of the good quality, good price and a huge range of products for many skin issues. They seem very professional and I liked everything by now that I have tried. This face wash cleanse the skin very deeply and removes the make-up that is stuck in face pores.  And it does not leave my skin dry which is very important to me because my skin tend to get sensitive and dehydrated. So, this product is safe for me, it didn’t irritate my skin like some of the other face washes that I was using.

Lycia depilation cream

May favorites - Lycia depilation cream

  Hm, so I was using depilation creams before, but for the first time I decided to try it on my arms, stomach and thighs. I can’t stand the epilators and wax, I am too sensitive for that and this was a great solution for me. I tought that I’m gonna have to depilate more often with the cream, but for my arms and stomach I can go three weeks until the next one. This cream is a good one and I dosn’t have that much heavy smell like they usually do. It works in 8 minutes and you just have to rinse the skin with water. That’s it. If you are doing it for the first time, some of the hairs may stay, but for the next time they’ll all go of.

Rimmel match perfection 2 in 1 concealer and highlighter

Rimmel match perfectin concealer

  For me, this is a seriously great drugstore product and for now, it is my favorite concealer ever. Everything about it is so good! It covers great any imperfection, stays all day long, doesn’t leave any visible trail, matches the skin tone perfectly and also highlights very well. So, you don’t need a separate highlighter. To be honest with you this is the only one product that I was using for the last 9 months (no BB crams, foundation, powders, anything) on my face and it was enough. Sometimes, I would add a bronzer, but even without it my skin was looking natural and even. It doesn’t get oily, doesn’t cloge pores, doesn’t dry out skin. It is flexible and reliable. Seriously great product and the package is very smart, too. At the end of the product is a brush for easy application and the product can never end up in you purse. A + for this cutie!

Wishlist samples



 Also I have some samples of the products from my wishlist: Pharmaceris Night exfoliating cream and Pharmaceris Night whitening cream. Since my night cream is almost finished, these are the ones I am thinking of buying for the next few months.

If you have any questions about this products don’t hesitate to write me! I will be happy to tell you more about them. 😉

Stay well,

love, Bonny.

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