Leo Mazzotti – luxurious classy jewerly brand review

Leo Mazzoti bracelet

 How did I came across this beautiful Italian brand and why did I decided to purchase from them? So, I was in a search for some period of time for some shiny elegant golden bracelet, yet simple enough to go with everyday style. Something that is classic and it will last forever. I didn’t want to buy a piece that is trendy, but it will go out of style in the next few years. 

Leo Mazzoti bracelet

  And I was lucky enough that this brand has a project on instagram – they are looking for instagramers that match their style and they will offer you a free bracelet with your purchase plus a referral code for discount for your followers. The moment I saw this Milano golden bracelet from the Italian Dolcevita collection, I fell in love with it. It was exactly what I was looking for, plus they offered me a free bracelet with my purchase! 😀 I was so happy, I didn’t doubt if I need to buy it!

Leo Mazzoti bracelet

 And one more big plus for this brand – the way they care about the details.. You just feel special. With every purchase you get a “Welcome to the family” card where they encourage you to tag them on your social profiles and possibility to be featured on their feed plus an exclusive membership card wich makes you basically their brand ambassador. You really get what you pay for!

Leo Mazzoti bracelet

Leo Mazzoti bracelet

Leo Mazzoti bracelet

If you are asking me about the quality of the product – it is very good! The bracelet has a magnet buckle so you don’t have to worry about loosing it, yet is so simple to put it on your hand. Also, on the golden buckle there is engraved their brand name, which makes it special and very classy.

The brand Leo Mazzotti has 3 different collections with different styles and some of the bracelets are also unisex, so your man can also wear the same one like you.;)

In my opinion, this brand is just beautiful and so chic.

Leo Mazzoti bracelet

Leo Mazzoti bracelet

Leo Mazzoti bracelet

The bracelet from this post is this one.

I will provide you with a discount code as soon as I get mine, so you can purchase them for less! ❤

This post was not sponsored. Leo Mazzotti didn’t ask me for anything in return for my great discount, I decided to write about them.

P.s. Stay in touch, so you won’t miss the discount code!

Talk to you soon,

love, Bonny.

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