Brighten up your face – Farmasi brightening face cream review

Farmasi brightening face cream

  We all want that perfect skin, but when it comes to achieving it, sometimes we will need some more patience. Sun, stress, pollution, junk food and alcohol – they all make a damage to our skin, but If you don’t want to or you can’t to remove those things out of your life, at least try to do some extra care for your skin and heal the imperfections instead of hiding them

 Of course it is easier to just put a lot of foundation or powder and get that instant confidence, but the goal is to have that confidence even and without make-up at all, do you agree? 😀 So, how do we get there? Buy listening to what our skin needs at THIS moment. Does it need more hydration or vitamin boost or just some rest from the make-up? I am the first one to try all the products that are sometimes not even good for my skin. Don’t listen to what is good for other people, listen to YOUR skin and what is good for it. Know your skin type and use the products for your special needs.

Farmasi brightening face cream

  At the moment I am dealing with discoloration of my skin, so here is my routine on how I am doing it. First thing to know is that what makes the most of the dark spots on the skin and what makes the scars go darker is the Sun. Yes, sun will not remove all the scars, some of them will go even more darker and it can depend on how old the scars are and how damaged the skin was. The older scars always need much more time to fade. So, please be patient and give it a time. Do not use some harsh products as it will damage your skin even more, or the worst – using a lemon juice or vinegar as some people would tell you. It is no, no, no! Your skin will go red and it will lose its balance (I know because I did it).

 So my routine now is:

  • exfoliation once or twice a week (I will write a post about the products that I use)
  • vitamin E serum (6 drops in the evening and 3 drops in the morning)
  • white clay mask once or twice a week
  • SPF 20 face cream in the morning
  • Farmasi whitening face cream in the evening
  • professional peeling at the salon from time to time (for faster results).

The most important steps are exfoliation and cleansing (but not too much) and protection from the sun. What is also great for discoloration is vitamin C as it fades thae dark spots and you can find so many different serums on the market.

Farmasi face brightening cream I started using this february and as it leaves a little bit of white trail (cause I put a looot of it :D) I use it only in the night. But it is perfectly mattifyng so for some people it could be good for the day as well, just massage it well and add some BB cram or a powder. I don’t use any powder cause I want to leave my skin open to breathe, so for me it’s better to use a regular face cream during the day. I can say I am happy with this cream, it is very gentle and supply and I do see the difference. The cream contains a vitamins, so it feed your skin as well. It fades the blemishes and darks spots and evens out skin tone. It is gentle, yet effective. In overall, I would recommend it if this is something you would try. The price is great too and if I remember well, it was maybe even less than 10 euros. 😉

Farmasi brightening face cream review

Once again, no matter what product you are using – don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun!

What are your biggest concerns about the skin at this moment? What are you dealing with?

P.s. We all have imperfections, but what matters is how we carry them! ❤ 🙂

Sending you love,


Farmasi brightening face cream review

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6 thoughts on “Brighten up your face – Farmasi brightening face cream review

  1. Hi I live in Miami FL USA and I would like to purchase the Dr c tuna facial whitening cream I’ve looked in different websites but nun give me an option of purchase can you please tell me where I can purchase it. thank you


  2. Hi I live in Miami FL USA and I would like to purchase the Dr c tuna facial whitening cream I’ve looked in different websites but nun give me an option of purchase can you please tell me where I can purchase it. thank you


    1. Hi, Diana! 🙂 So the company is based in Turkey and they have a programm where you can become a partner and sell for them (my sister was working for them, so I was buying from her). I don’t think they have programm in USA but it’s worth to check on their website if there is option to order from there and if they are sedning to USA. I will try to research it now.:) ♡


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