Banana Boat – Aloe vera gel: review

Aloe vera gel - Banana boat


   Hello to all after a while. I haven’t been writing for a some time, and the reason for that is that I have been trying a lot of new products from different sides of a world. I don’t really want to write about something that have never tried, and also I want to give some time to product to show at it’s best. So, this month I am going to give you reviews of a products that I have been using last month or longer.

  Today, I am going to tell about you my experience with the Banana Boat’s Aloe vera gel wich is very popular here in Malta in local shops. This Aloe vera gel is produced in U.S.A  and it claims to be produced with pure Aloe vera plant wich should be a great thing for your skin. I have been using another Aloe vera gel for my face for longer than a year, since my skin is extremely sensitive and I had to be really carefull with what I put on it. This product I have found in pharmacy in Serbia and my skin got used to it, so I was a little bit nervous when it was finished and I needed a new one, but I was abroad. I know every pharmacy probably has an Aloe vera gel, but it is hard for me to find the products that are not aggressive to my skin and that are mostly natural and safe.

Aloe vera gel - Banana Boat

  This product didn’t disappoint me. The prime purpose of it would be relief for your skin after a day at the sun or on the beach, since your skin dries out and it needs some extra hydration, or to give you a relief for your sunburn. If you have a problem with a sunburn, try putting your gel in a fridge for a while and then apply it on your skin. You will immediately sence the difference.

  The texture of this gel is really light, almost like a water, and the skin soak it up easily and becomes more elastic. The scent of the product is very light also. You can use it for  the whole body and the face, before going on the sun and after it, for it protects your skin from dehydration and gives you relief after the one. I apply it on my face and body every morning and repeat it for couple of times during the day. I can feel the difference at the moment I am applying it, and I even use it for my feet. That cools me down at these hot days when you can not stand the heat. 🙂

 The product comes in the package of 230g and the price is about 6 euros. I think every house should have one Aloe vera ge, especially in the hot summer days.

Banana boat Aloe vera gel

How did you like my article? Write me in a comments. 🙂

Till the next time,

love, Bonny.

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