Embrace the best tropical trends with this huge guide

Tropical trends

  Summer is almost here and it is time to prepare for it, especially if you are traveling on “first minute” holidays. The huge trend that you can see everywhere is, what would I call it, the tropical trend. It is present in all the aspects of beauty and fashion and you can easily adjust it to your needs and taste. I will show you the very best of it and how to mix and match it. 😉 Here we go on the island trip! – – —>>

Top 5 color combinations

#1 Orange blue passion

Find the inspirations in oranges, melon, corals and the blue sky and sea. You can choose both bold, vivid and pastel colors.  This combination goes very nicely with leather pieces.

Orange blue clothes

#2 Lime and navy passion

This combination is so fresh and is becoming very popular, especially as I noticed in sport equipment such as running shoes. But for this post I made an elegant combo just to show you that it is possible and also very attractive. I found the inspiration for this in lime, green lemon and deep sea as much as in  the scuba diving and colorful fishes and corals.

Lime and navy clothes

#3 Marigold passion

Bright orange with yellow tones is beautiful color in my opinion and it makes me happy every time I see it. Also, it makes you stand out. I prefer to match it with neutral colors like dark gray or white and the inspiration I found for this was in marigold, sunflower, sunshine and wheat field.

Marigold clothes

#4 Pink sunset passion

This colors are *so popular* and you can see it especially in hair styling, but I will talk about  it later. For this trend, just mix the pastels with bright and bright and white, and you can not make a mistake. Think of pink Florida sunsets and cotton candies when you want this look.

Pastel outfit

#5 Floral passion

 As always, floral patterns are *wanted*, but it is important to choose the right color or size of the flower shape. For this season, I would choose black color matched with pastels and a big shapes. Or some other color, But I would always match the bright with the dark  color to make a contrast and a big shapes of tropical flowers and leaves.

Floral and pastel look

Top 3 shapes

#1 Colorful pineapples

Pineapples are number 1 of the tropical trend, and mostly in pink, yellow and green combinations. You can have them everywhere: on your bag, phone case, wallet, flip-flops, hair, home decor and even nails. Go happy pineapples!

Pineapples tropical trend

#2 Flamingo domination

Whether it is in color or a shape − the flamingo is very dominant and he is planning to stay so! 😀 What I like the most here is the flamingo pink lipstick – perfect for the long summer nights and tanned skin. *pink lipstick review here*

Flamingo summer trend

#3 Florals

As I said, florals are everywhere even this summer. The best floral print you can choose for this trend are hibiscus flowers and other Hawaiian and exotic plants. Whatever you choose,  just be sure that print has the large shapes.

Floral summer dresses

Beauty trends

Citrus fever

When the hot days come, think of fresh citrus products to put you back “in life” and refresh you without a heavy scents. Also, don’t forget to eat more fresh fruits and salads for instant beauty! 😉

Citrus beauty products

How to take care of you skin read here. 😉

Blue lagoon

Metallic green and purple are taking the prime in make-up. Definitely something I should try this summer.

Metallic green and purple makeup

See the inspiration for the lilac eye shadow.

Tropical forest

For this look, use coral orange color and the shades of earth, olive green, bronze and delicate browns, as you can see below.

Coral and tropical forest makeup

Midnight blueberry

If you love to experiment and you wore the bold purple lips last winter – then you will probably love this new trend: bold blue lips as the midnight sky. Or you can choose eyeliner in this shade, it is great for the summer tan. Why not give it a try?

Midnight blueberry bold makeup

Bronze glow and black eyeliner

You probably already know for “strobing”in makeup, but If you don’t – it is just the extreme highlighting which I prefer for the daily make up. And contouring I would save for the evening looks. Well, for this look you want to have “natural” looking face, so don’t put too much make up. Just highlight on the right places and add a black eyeliner and this is it! 🙂

Strobing in make up


My favorite nail look at the moment is romantic one in nude/pastel or white color. But, it is summer and you can not really make a mistake with any color you take.

Nude/passtel/white nails


When styling you hair, you won’t need that much time. Just make braids and this is it, or leave them over the night and release you hair in the morning and you will have really natural waves. You can put a little bit of coconut oil or styling mousse on it, but just a very little amount, so it will look really naturally. The colors that are most popular at the moment are cotton candy and pastel shades and the white and gray hair as well.

Braids hair style

Cotton candy hair

Casual waves hair style

What is your favorite tropical summer trend? 

Are you ready to rock the summer? 😀 ..I can not wait warmer days.:) ❤

Till the next time,

love, Bonny.

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Hi there. My name is Vanja Vujević and I like to call myself a creative dreamer, all the shiny and creative things corrupt my soul. In January 2016. I started my lifestyle/ fashion blog Bonny's Soulfood.At the moment I am residing at the sunny island of Malta whilst enjoying a beach life. P.s. *Let your soul shine*

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