Spring 2016. skirt inspirations

pink spring skirt

   Finally, winter is almost over and we can put our thick jackets away and get ready for the big spring closet arrangings. I am getting excited about that, and honestly I am tired of having to put so many layers  of clothes on me. This spring, after a long time, there are a really big offerings for skirts on the market, and it makes me happy because I’m a big fun of skirts and dresses. For this spring, I recomend you to try wearing a denim skirt, like we used to when we were kids. Remember that? It rings the bell for me.:)

Spring denim skirt

Long spring denim skirt

spring denim skirt

But, if you prefer something else than denim, it’s not problem. The markets are full of skirts from many diferent fabrics. Take a look on these examples.

spring skirt

pink spring skirt

spring skirt

So, what is your favorite spring skirt? Anyway, whatever skirt and style you choose, have a fun while you stylize it! 😉

For more info about brands and prices, please click here: brands and prices info

Till the next time,

love, Bonny.


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Hello! My name is Vanja Čabdarić. I like to call myself a creative dreamer, all the shiny and creative things interest me. In january 2016. I started my blog about fashion, beauty and lifestyle - Bonny's Soulfood. In the near future I have a dream of starting a creative bussines of any sort. :) P.s. *Let your soul shine*

9 thoughts on “Spring 2016. skirt inspirations

  1. Looking over these made me literally drool! I would love them all!
    I think the outfit I adore the most is the gorgeous pink skirt and scarf! I’m looking forward to more of your outfits! 🙂


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