Yellow shirt and jeans | #ootd

  Shirt was always synonym for a business look or smart look but last few seasons it found it’s place in a casual and street fashion by changing the design of the sleeves to more wide with a pleats and lots of details/ lace. The inspiration for this style designers found in 17th and 18th century fashion when sleeves and collars used to be over accentuated. This shirt I am wearing reminds me of some captain on a ship sailing from Spain and selling spices and cocoa, or perhaps Robinson Crusoe. ;D Maybe it’s a case because I’m watching at the moment Outlander tv series and I can’t help myself not to study man’s sleeves and realising they’re the same as mine. And that is how fashion is being recycled. So damn cool, excuse my language.

  My shirt I really like because of the color – I managed to incorporate some bright colors in my dark closet and I like it also because of its interesting design. I realy find it matching with the jeans is the best choice for this design, it is more of a casual shirt rather than elegant. But then, you can always wear it on a hills with some fancy details to make it more glamorous. In overall I like the shirt and love the design, the only thing bothering me is that it makes me look even more short because it’s so wide. It makes me look like a small teddy bear and it makes me look like I need to go on a diet, but I still love it. And that’s the most important, don’t you think? 😉 What kind of shirts are you wearing this season?

*Behind the scenes

  The pictures were taken last October when we went out for a dinner in a Kross Keys restaurant here in Mellieha. The food was so delicious and how they arranged it on plate really took my breath away. I ordered chicken fillet with mashed potatoes and I got a beautiful butterfly on my plate. We also enjoyed a great rose wine while watching the sunset from the balcony. Perhaps it’s the only restaurant in Mellieha with so nice view on the seaside and the whole village of fancy villas. A day to remember, for sure.♡


– shirt Stradivarius

– jeans Terranova style

– shoes Pull&Bear

– bag Zara

– jacket New Look

– smile my own

Black velvet jumpsuit | New Year’s #ootd

  I didn’t plan on buying anything new for the New Year’s Eve, but I was in a search for a winter jacket when I run into sales and I needed to see what there was offered.:D I picked about 7 pieces that appeared interesting and when I tried this black jumpsuit I just knew I want it so bad. 😀 It was a love on first sight.. Usually it happens with shoes or bags, but if something is so extraordinary beautiful to me, I just can’t help it. I’m sure I will be wearing it a looot, so don’t judge me.;D

 The New Year’s Eve was working again for both of us (like the last year) and we didn’t know exactly the time we will arrive home so I really needed to put my outfit together in like 5 minutes. Just let my hair loose, added some lipstick, put on my jumpsuit and shoes, and I was ready!

  I love the way this shoes make my legs look much longer, the trick is really in pointy toes and the color. The color of the shoes is dark burgundy and they match perfectly with the black stockings. If the shoes were black too, it would be too much. And if they were in light shade, I think I would look like a freak. But this shoes just make my legs look 10 meters long. Or at least I like to think so. 😉

  The bag is ofc my go-to Zara evening bag with a golden chain. I love golden chain – both for day time and for evening. For the day time it just elevates my street outfit to the next level and in the evening it gives some elegant vibe to the whole outfit.

  Velvet headband I decided to wear just so I would make this outfit more interesting – with the shape and color it makes it a bit funky and it was an easy option for not perfectly styled hair after a day at work. And the last touch was my jewelry – I was wearing pearls in order to keep it classy – shiny silver earrings was a gift from my best friend and soon to be maid of honor and the Micky Mouse silver necklace was gift from Balacia.

  So all together I needed circa 5-10 minutes to get ready, but the outfit gives the impression of otherwise. And that is exactly what I need and like. ♡ What did you wear for the NY’s Eve? Do you like to prepare long for the party or you just put your outfit together in 5 minutes like me? Tell me, I would like to know what is your routine.;D

Untill the next post, enjoy your holidays and stay in touch! ;*

Love, Bonny.


Wearing in this post:

jumpsuit New Look

shoes Kiabi

bag Zara

headband Pull and Bear

necklace Balacia

Cristmas Eve outfit | #ootd

  After a small break from my blog I am back here! 😀 I took some time off from my website so I would have a bit more time for my Instagram ( follow @bonnyssoulfood ;D ) and I am happy with how it is growing lately. Slowly, but I can see a change – thank you for that! I had a goal to reach 1k and you all made it come true! ♡♡♡ Thanks.

  In between of traveling to Serbia to find my wedding dress and shopping for a New Year’s I found some time to take a look back on a year that is behind me and set some more goals to rock in 2018.:) The next year is surely going to be a big year for us ( we are getting married – as you already know ) and we have some big plans for it. That is why my nerves became so restless, one day I wanted to change my hair, the next day was like “what the ** I was thinking” and so on. But as the end of the year is getting closer I am feeling more peaceful and content. I am just happy with what I have achieved so far and I am praying to achieve a lot more! That is why I am happy to have all the good people around me, supporting me and believing in me. ♡ And I wish to you all everything the best in this world! Don’t stop believing!

P.s. Are you opening that champagne yet?

*Behind the scenes*

I am freak for the velvet! Close people to me already know my velvet #lbd and that I wear it every year for the New Year’s Eve. I just can’t help it.:D Last winter I bought this one blue that I wore for the New Year’s party and I had it on even this year for the Christmas. I mean, the original plan was again my little black dress, but I changed my mind last moment. Anyways, I had a velvet on..again.

Then again two days ago while I was shopping for a winter jacket I run into a sale at New Look’s and I found a black jumpsuit. You are guessing, a velvet off course. And a hair band, yes, velvet. 😀 I should make a whole post about velvet, don’t you think?? And so continues my obsession…


outfit 1

– dress Pull and Bear

– shirt Telly Weijl

– shoes Kiabi

outfit 2

– dress no name

outfit 3

–  head band Pull and Bear

– necklase Balacia

Adobe Spark

And Happy New Year! 

Love, Bonny.<3

Engagement ring | moodboard

.. And then if you watch carefully you could catch it for a moment.

…for nothing is real and everything is magic.




Insta bonnyssoulfood

❤ ❤ ❤


Grey and white scarf | #ootd

  Something like this was on my wishlist for a long time – scarf so big you can mistake it for a blanket. 😀 Those who know me know that I am always feeling cold and that I like to wrap myself in a blanket when I am at home, so when I saw this in shop few days ago I thought – yes, that’s it! 🙂 A piece that I know I’ll be wearing whole fall and winter. The scarf is so warm and soft yet very light, I think it’s made from good quality wool so it really keeps me warm even on a strong wind. I was wearing it like this on the photos, then on top of my jacket or as a scarf around my neck – it’s realy multifunctional. The color is also great cause it’s neutral and it is easy for styling the outfits.

  Tomorrow I’m traveling to Serbia and it is sure that I will take my scarf with me. Here in Malta is not that cold yet, but when I arrive in Serbia it is going to be much colder so the scarf will be useful. And then in the plane I can easily make a pillow from it or cover myself. So, so good investment! I love this scarf so much since the moment I first put my hands on it! It’s soft I can’t put my hands off of it.

I’m wearing:

Scarf – local souvenir shop in Buggiba, Malta

Trousers – gift

Sweater – Noisy May

Sneakers – Kiabi


What keeps you warm this season – scarf or a hat perhaps? Tell me in the comments.;*

Wish me safe travel, I’ll talk to you soon.

Love, Bonny.♡

Animal + all black | #ootd

  I don’t know much what to say about today’s outfit except that I looove it. I just love to wear black, especially in the winter when I wear darker lipstick and nail polish and I feel truly myself. I enjoy matching it either with golden details or with some unexpected color / pattern or fabric and today I decided to go for my high-waisted jeans in animal print color. I didn’t wear them much lately simply because it wouldn’t look good with some stronger, bright colors so now was the perfect time to put them back in the game.;) Since my jacket is more of a rocker style I just adore how I would say vulnerability of a lace gives it a perfect balance. It just puts the toughness of a leather and wildness of a print down and makes the whole outfit perfectly feminine and classy.

At leat that’s my opinion. 🙂 And what do you say?

..And of course, there is my favorite black bag with a golden chain. #LoveOnAFirstSight

I’m wearing :

jacket New Look

lace top Zara

jeans Calliope

shoes Pull and Bear

bag Zara

Tell me, do you love or hate animal print? I would like to hear from you.♡

‘Till the next time,

love, Bonny.

perfect fall outfit

Perfect fall outfit inspiration | my 10 must have pieces

   What would be my perfect fall outfit – that was the question that popped out in my head these days so  I started my research. I was going thru my pictures of fall outfits this year and last year and these are the 10 pieces that I found in almost every picture. So, what are my 10 must have pieces for perfect fall outfit?


  Leather jacket is really a must have for fall and I am sure that 90% of you have one in their closet. 😀 It is perfect for its versatility, whether you’re going for a walk, shopping, night out with girls or date you can always match it with your outfit. Plus, it is very good for layering and for the cold weather, rain and wind.

perfect fall outfit
Please, ignore the truck. :S

Jacket New Look


  Another fashion item perfect for cold weather and rain. I love my black ankle boots cause they go nicely with jeans, skirts and dresses but I love my red boots even more cause they give me such a good vibe on a grey rainy day. 🙂 I love to have contrast in my outfit be it in a color or a style, so sometimes I dress all in black/ dark colors and I wear my red boots. I like it that way.

perfect fall outfit

Boots local shop in Novi Sad, Serbia


  A girl should always have one flat shoes for rain – I choose classic black Oxford style shoes with a small platform. Oh, I just love them. JUST love them. 😉 The most of the time you can actually see me in them. They are good for long walks, they don’t make my feet tired and they are so classic which means you can wear them for a lifetime. They just never go out of style and that is a good investment.

perfect fall outfit

perfect fall outfit


perfect fall outfit

Oxford shoes with platform Pull and Bear


 Yellow is my favorite color this season so I bought one sweater in that shade. I love the contrast of it with my dark clothes (which is 80% of my wardrobe), the length and that it can be layered with other pieces. Bad weather can not ruin my mood! 😀

perfect fall outfit

Sweater Stradivarius


 Going out on the weekend but it is too cold for your favorite tops? I choose nice shirt with long sleeves. You can easily adjust it to a temperature in a club by twisting the sleeves up, opening some more buttons ( ;D ) or wearing a cardigan on top of it. Very smart!

perfect fall outfit

perfect fall outfit

Blue shirt H&M

Yellow shirt Stradivarius

Choker New Look


When you feel especially romantic and lovely just put your bright sweater on and add some shiny details like jewelry/ hair accessories/ shiny bag.. Hm, sounds like walking in the snow on Christmas!

perfect fall outfit

Blue sweater Noisy may


 One more item that all the ladies poses in their wardrobes – trench coat never goes out of style. Some like it long, some short, black or camel but everybody agrees that it is a must have for warm autumn days.

perfect fall outfit

Trench coat Terranova style


  Come on, do I need to explain it? 😀 Dark, light, skinny, classic, boyfriend, ripped, capri – we love them!

perfect fall outfit

Jeans Terranova style


My black Zara cross body bag with golden chain goes everywhere with me and knows all of my secrets. 😉

perfect fall outfit

Bag Zara


  I love golden jewelry more than silver and I allways have golden color in my outfit be it jewelry / accesories or a detail like chain of this bag above. With my style, simple, classy and contemporary jewelry goes perfectly and I love to have less but good quality jewels. I found a brand that represents my style so good and this items are so, so ME. 😮 I’m gonna send a letter to Santa telling him I need this earrings! ❤ I have one similar to this, I was wearing them last winter so much, but having them in real gold would me YASSS!

 So, that is my basic fall wardrobe and I mix this items with the rest with ease. What are your must haves for perfect fall outfit? Let me know, keep the conversation going. 😉

‘Till the next time,

your Bonny. ❤



Holiday gift guide | my current wishlist

  Holidays are fast approaching and I wanted to share with you my current wishlist so I might inspire someone out there wondering what to buy to his girlfriend, friend or sister. I chose 8 items that I would like to get  – 4 lifestyle and 4 fashion items and I am sure that you can get inspired with this list. ;D So, let’s see what there is.


 I would like to read a new inspirational book, one that can help me boost my productivity/ help me build my career or inspire me in any kind. Also, I need a new sleeping mask since my curtains are very thin and light wakes me up every morning very early and I can’t get good quality sleep. Coffee mug/ thermos I already have, but a girl obsessed with coffee can never have enough of them, right? Especially if they are this cute. Bingo! 😉 And the last, I really need to organise my time better and one planner like this would always be on the go with me and it would keep all of those important dates and deadlines so my head could be more light. 😀

gift guide/ wishlist

Where did I find this items?

1. Maya Angelou I know why the caged bird sings here

2. sleeping mask here

3. coffee thermos here

4. planner here



I don’t need no explanation for those, just take a look. ;D

gift guide/ wishlist

5. lace body suit Bonatti here

6. floral bra Bonatti here

7. ankle boots with chains here 

8. Miki Maus pearl necklace, Balacia here


What is on your current wishlist and what would you like to get for this holidays? Are planning on buying some gifts yet? Let me know in the comments, let’s chat a little bit.;*

Talk to you soon,



P.s. I do not own any rights on the photos, if you do and want them to be removed, kindly let me know! 🙂




Valleta Harbour cruise and Fort Rinella, Malta | travel

  Two Mondays ago we decided to do some fun things and spend the whole day outside. We woke up early and caught a bus to Sliema where we booked a tickets for a small cruise. As we jumped off the bus, the ferrie was leaving and we managed to get in the last-minute. The cruise was around Valletta and The Three cities and the wind was a bit strong, but at least it made my pictures nice with my hair flying.;D The trip lasted about hour and half and they took us back to Sliema where we went for a drink and we made a plan to go to museum. It was about noon and I was feeling dizzy from the boat trip and one can of apple cider.:D But the day was promising, the weather was just perfect with about 23°C and I enjoyed it so much.

  For the museum, we decided to go to Fort Rinella and there we had such a nice time. In the Fort they had some kind of interactive demonstrations, showing us shooting from the canyon and talking about their horses and they even let us pet one of their horses called Archy. It was on my bucket list for so long and it happened unexpected and made me so happy. And like the cherry on top of this wonderful day my boyfriend surprised me with a proposal and an engagement ring. I was filled with emotions, it could not be more perfect day! ♡♡♡

  And now let’s talk about fashion a little bit.;D I felt so causal that day and I really didn’t want to bother too much about my outfit, so I decided to go for all-black-outfit with a pink backpack. I was wearing ripped black jeans and lace top with an Oxford shoes. As I said, instead of a classic bag I took with me my new backpack. Everyone seems to crazy about backpacks – no wonder! It was perfect fit for that day, I could take so many things with me including a bottle of water and my camera yet my hands were free. For my hairstyle I decided to make this cute little bun on top of my had. So my hair was loose a bit and at the same time it wasn’t on my face. It is really hard to maintain a good hairstyle on such a windy weather! 😀

Wearing: top – gift

jeans – Kiabi

shoes – Pull and Bear

sunglasses – Stradivarius

backpack – Terranova style

So, how do you like my outfit? Did you go crazy about backpacks, too? 🙂 Let me know!.:*

Love you, Bonny. ❤

P.s. Some more photos if you are interested! :*


Morning with Oriflame Malta | beauty talks

  “You know, It’s very important for me to be my own boss and be able to organise my time”, opened Oana to me as we drove to her shop last Friday morning. She spoke about  what does being independent woman means for her, also about how she manages to run her business with Oriflame. Last week she moved her shop to Topaz hotel in San Pawl (Boutique Topaz) and she keeps a smile on her face all the time.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  She showed me so many different products, we were trying creams and perfumes and we had a great company of her cute daughter, such a girls time! When we entered the salon at first place, the first thing she did was lighting a candle and spraying a scent all over the salon, so the atmosphere would be lovely and she also gave me a chocolate, what a treat.:) We were talking about the skin and beauty but also about a lot of other things and in the end I came home with a bag full of products, Oana gave me a nice discount. ^.^ It all looked like a beginning of a great collaboration.



She is offering free face treatment for anyone who wants to make an appointment with her and she is located in the Topaz hotel in San Pawl. Anyone is welcomed even just to see the products or take a look at the catalog and take a great advices from this lovely woman. 🙂

I will be testing this products and writing reviews, so stay in touch! ;D

‘Till the next time,

love, Bonny.