Effortless charm | coffee and plans

“Why did you dress up just to go for a coffee?” “Because I have a new clothes and I didn’t have a chance to wear it yet. :p”   …it’s been a tough and busy summer and yes, quite a most of the clothes I have bought this season I didn’t even wear yet. My […]

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20 FACTS ABOUT ME | #GetToKnowMe

  As I promised, I’m gonna share with you more about me and this time I’m gonna do it as 20 facts about me. Hope you guys find it interesting. ;D #1 My favorite color is red, but if we are talking about clothes – it is blue. #2 I am petite – 156,5 cm […]

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Big Stradivarius haul | try on haul

  Being around 40° C most of the time for almost a month was not easy to handle even if you did nothing but drinking a cold drink near the pool or beach, and so it wasn’t easy preparing a new blog post. Especially ‘try on’ blog post. 😀 I had, I mean really HAD […]

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Why leather? | Reasons why I prefer real leather over fake one

Hello, lovelies!   Today I wanted to chat with you on leather topic – why is leather so popular in fashion and other areas of life and why I personally like it.   The one of the reasons, and I would say the most important one is because of its endurance and quality. The things made […]

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Mini Zara haul | what I have bought in Zara lately

 Updating your wardrobe and  in a search for some pieces that you can wear in many occasions this summer? Check out this three pieces, cause I bought them last week and I already wore them many times in different occasions as they are very simple and easy to transform from casual to formal or evening […]

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My Bedtime Beauty Routine

My Bedtime Beauty Routine

  So I got a request to make a post about my bedtime beauty routine, and here it is. 🙂 I am glad to see that you are interested in more content, so please if you have any request about what you would like to read on my blog let me know. 😉  Talking about […]

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Monthly faves | May 2017

May 2017 favorites

  It’s 1st of June and I am finally doing my May favorites, yup. Not late at all. 😀 But, you know, the products need a time to show their true nature..and I need a time to make up my mind. Speaking of that, I found a perfect illustration of procrastination in process and yes, […]

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Jeans and wooden mules

Jeans and wooden mule heels

 Hey, sweeties, what’s up? I am just summing up the thoughts of last night cocktails and I thought I’m gonna show you what I was wearing. 

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A walk above the Golden bay and Gnejna, Malta

Gnejna bay

  Last Monday honey and I went for a walk on the hills above the Golden bay and Gnejna and we captured some nice photos. 🙂 The weather was a bit windy, but that made my hair look better on the photos. And on the way back we saw a couple getting wedding photos on […]

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Hot shoes spring 2017

Hot shoes spring 2017 by vanja-bonny-cabdaric featuring blue heeled sandals Topshop ripped blue jeans€55 – topshop.com Faux suede shoesgojane.com A.n.a. shoes€28 – jcpenney.com Fratelli Karida yellow heeled shoesfratellikarida.com Blue heeled sandalsromwe.com

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